Laser Cut Map Sizes

My hand made laser cut maps are available in two general sizes, small [14x19in] for $150.00 and large [23x33in] for $250.00.  These sizes are determined by the size of the wooden “blanks” which the laser cutter can handle, and the size of these blanks also affects the size of the frames. However, since the maps are essentially a tiled grid pattern, a map can be almost any size big or small, as large as a pool table, as large as the wall in your office [I already have ideas about that!!]…the size is almost unlimited, because one can just spread the map files across more tiles.

With customization comes additional cost, meaning a map in a custom size [or a custom map in a standard size] is going to require that I make new camera ready art, which adds time and effort, which ultimately adds cost. I can give you a quote on any custom work you are considering having done.